To assist in your visit, we ask that upon arrival at the front gate you identify yourself to the security attendant who can direct you to the valet.

If you are a guest for a social or dining function, please proceed to the Clubhouse. The receptionist in the main lobby can direct you to your function area. In the event that your host has not arrived, please inform the Maitre d’.

Should you be playing golf, please register at the Golf Shop and then proceed to the locker room where the attendants can assist you.

To help you enjoy your visit, we want to acquaint you with some of the customs and traditions which our Members observe. Two of Lakeside Golf Club’s most enduring traditions are that a round of golf is best experienced by walking with a caddie and should not take more than three hours and forty-five minutes to play.

Please enjoy your visit and join us in observing the following rules.


Golfers must wear “spikeless” or “soft spike” golf shoes.

Shirts must be collared or mock-turtleneck and tucked in at all times. Collarless shirts, tank tops and baggy clothing are not permitted.

Shorts must be Bermuda style.

Levis, jeans or denim pants of any type or color are not permitted.

All hats and visors must be removed in all Clubhouse areas except the locker rooms. Hats and visors must be worn forward, not sideways or backwards.


The use of cellular phones in the Clubhouse, adjoining premises, putting green or driving range, is prohibited. Cellular phones may be used on the golf course except on hole nos. 1, 9 and 18.